A New Generation of Kayaks is Arriving!


Deploying a cutting-edge patent developed for the aerospace industry, Mako kayaks are constructed in one piece from state-of-the art composite materials. The result is an extremely tough, lightweight craft. The Mako construction process is virtually non-toxic-in stark contrast to other kayak industry processes that employ highly toxic and volatile chemicals requiring extensive measures to protect technicians and the environment. On top of all this, the efficiency of our process brings production costs down, making Mako kayaks more affordable than their closest contenders on the market!



The Mako kayak design started with the lines from an original northern Greenland kayak that would have traditionally been paddled up and down rivers, in and out through the surf, and over long stretches of open Arctic Ocean for hunting. We refined this shape through computer modelling and advanced hydro-static and hydro-dynamic analysis to produce the best overall combination of speed, stability and agility. To this already very versatile hull shape, we added our proprietary retractable skeg, and have created what we believe to be the world's first hybrid kayak. A single vessel that instantly converts from a highly manoeuvrable boat for rivers and surf to a straight-tracking fully-capable touring kayak.

This is only the beginning of the list of features in various stages of development that are all aimed to make Mako the most ultimately versatile watercraft. Two Mako kayaks can convert to a robust multi-purpose catamaran. Systems for leg, rowing, sail, kite and electric power are also in development. We want to see people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds out experiencing the magical sense of connectedness and the personal and group empowerment that readily come from being on the water.

And Mako kayaks and accessories are not only being designed as the basis all kinds of planned fun and adventure, but for the unplanned. Literally as a survival platform for emergency preparedness!